Our company OGAN is established in 1986, and experienced on the production of various
industrial hoses from its establishment until 2000. OGAN has started to produce Industrial
heating hoses in 2000 with 15 years of industrial hose experience.

We are proud to be the only production company in Turkey, producing Industrial Heating Hoses.
We supply long lasting, high quality products to our domestic and international customers.
This can only be done only by carefully selecting high quality, hi-tech components, implementing
correct application techniques, control and tests during and after the production process and
with presence of dedicated workforce.

Our products are being used by well-known companies of the automotive industry, the
packaging industry, the plastic industry and chemical industry. Besides our standard products
we also offer professional solutions specifically to meet individual customer needs with
technological products. We are also producing the heated hoses of the well-known brands with a
100% compliance guarantee.

Our aim is to decrease the quantity of imported heating hoses to Turkey, become the preferred
brand in domestic market and increase our presence in foreign markets.

You can count on the OGAN brand for your heating hose needs.

Standard Heating Hoses

Many products are heated during processing or in tanks to increase their fluidity or homogeneity.

It is often impossible or problematic to transport these products between processes or through storage tanks using cumbersome(bulky) heating methods.

Ogan industrial heated hoses and fittings, with professional production techniques, produce flexible technological solutions to these needs.

It allows the product to be transferred without condensation and crystallization, at the desired viscosity and at the defined heat valu.

Compatible with the systems of leading manufacturers

OGAN hi-tech heating hoses are compatible with the systems of leading manufacturers worlwide.

Thus,it guarantees to be an important part ot the seamless and balanced production process within the system.

OGAN hi-tech heating hoses are suitable for high pressure and temperature working conditions.

Heating hoses are designed to be used safely,to meet all system requirements of industrial robotic,
manuel hand gun applications and automation engineering.

Co-Extrusion Heating Hoses for Plastics Industry

HT700 Co-extrusion heating hoses are produced to transfer melted plastic and thermoplastic materials from co-extruder to mold at defined tempatures.

HT700 Co-extrusion heating hoses are produced from high temperature and pressure resistant T3 PTFE hoses;

- Provides flexible connection between the co-extruder and mold,
- Simplifies mold changes and maintenance,
- Minimizes the thermal expansion and vibration occured from heating,
- Guarantees operational efficiency under proper installation, maintenance and normal operating conditions.

RB400 Series Heating hoses for robotic applications

RB400 Heating hoses for Automation Technology
It is generally used in industrial robotic bonding applications in the automotive sector.

RB400 type heated hoses provide transfer of the adhesive material between the mastic pump and the robot tip at the defined temperature values without deteriorating its structure.