2K Reactor Spray Heated Hoses

OGAN 2K heated hoses, ensure that the chemical raw material is safely transferred from the reactor
outlet to the spray gun tip at the defined heat value

The flexible structure provides ease of use for PUR foam and Polyurea spray applications.

2K heated hoses are sold in 15 m sets, but also A (5 JIC Red) and B (6 JIC Blue) 15 m. lengths can be taken separately.

2K heated hoses are fully compatible with GRACO®, GUSMER®, GAMA® brands, which are the leader in the industry.

Our product 2K Reactor heated hoses are formed: 3/8" / 15 m / 250 bar / JIC / TC Cable / Air hose / PA outer sheath assembly.

Machine manufacturers recommend using a 3 m whip hose in a long hose line.

2K Whip hose , 350 bar 3 m.

T/C Fluid Temperature Sensor

RTD Temperature Sensor for Graco Reactor 2

T/C Cable 15 m.

RTD Cable 15 m.