Industrial Heated hoses are designed for applications where the substance passing
through the hose must be heated, melted but first of all, maintained at constant,
elevated temperature. Application for such substance as: oil, grease, wax, resins, hot
melt adhesives, plastic, paints, granulates, food products.

Advantages of using Heating Hoses are;
• Flexible structure solves the problems related to alignment and machine vibration,
• Provides short heating times and homogeneous heat dissipation,
• Safe, economical and long lasting products.

With decades of experience in heated hoses, OGAN Industrial Heating Hoses are
developed and produced to transport of meterials within specified temperature
ranges, under high pressure and temperatures. OGAN Industrial Heating Hoses
are being used in a wide range of applications from manual hand gun to industrial
robotic, for indoors and outdoors and they are fully compliant with the systems of
leading manufacturers worldwide.

The pressure hose is chosen depending on the working pressure, temperature and
medium output required. We mainly use PTFE hose in stainless steel braid. The
material of this hose features outstanding chemical and temperature resistance
(up to 250°C), and very low coefficient of friction. PTFE hoses with strong mesh
technology are being used to safely transfer the heated products up to 500 bar.
The burst pressure of the pressure hoses used at OGAN Heating Hoses is 4 times
the maximum working pressure.

The hose fittings at both hose ends are selected according to customer’s
specification. OGAN hoses can be supplied with all types of fittings available on
the market.

Heating element is helically wound around the pressure hose to provide accurate
and uniform heat density at each point of the hose. The power of the heating
element depends on the temperature that must be maintained, the diameter and
length of the hose.

OGAN heating hoses have an integrated sensor. According to the process and
preferences ; PT100, Ni120, NTC, J, K, PT1000 type heat sensors are used.

Thermal insulation material is applied to reduce the heat loss to minimum and to
ensure that the system reaches the specified temperature. Type of thermal
insulation depends on working temperature. OGAN heating hoses uses silicone
foam up to 250°C.

OGAN Heating Hose is equipped with a connecting cable with a preferred length,
and with or without a plug. The hoses can be used with a temperature controller
of the customer or supplied with various types of temperature controllers.

Polyamide braid is usually applied as external jacket of OGAN Heating Hoses, but
steel braid, polyurethane braid or silicone braid are also available. External jacket,
meets the static and dynamic bending requirements and ensures that the thermal
insulation material and the heating elements remain undamaged.

There are two types of hose end caps: hard and soft. The hard caps made of
polyamide reduce free, flexible hose length between the fittings, but also reduce
the load on the spot of critical fitting-hose connection. Silicone soft caps, due to
their flexibility, are recommended for short hoses.